Monday, August 20, 2007

Help Others Succeed And You Will

Do you enjoy getting emails that start like this?

...Hey Charlie,

Just wanted to let you know that your help was very much appreciated. We were contacted by Bill Example, President of Exciting Company. Julie had a meeting with him...

I know I do.

I took this particular quote from an email I received a few weeks ago. I obviously changed some names, but otherwise, that's exactly how the email started. This email told me that I had helped the future wife of someone I know get a position because I was willing to contact my contacts on her behalf.

In fact, someone I know connected with someone I DON'T know in order to help her. I've never met Bill Example. That's pretty amazing to me.

Here's an amazing truth:

You succeed by helping other people succeed.

I believe I heard some form of that from Zig Ziglar, the famous motivational speaker, before I heard it from anyone else.

How likely is it that my friend will help me when the time comes to ask him for help?

My experience tells me that he'll be 100% on my side and willing to introduce me to anyone he knows.

Whether or not you've tried networking before, I have an excellent method that I learned from someone I know who lives in a VERY nice house in La Jolla, California. The community of La Jolla is a pretty expensive place to live, even by San Diego standards, so she must be doing something right. She learned this method from one of the most successful people she knows. I have combined her method with the method I learned from Anthony Dorhmann, who raised about 10 MILLION DOLLARS to privately fund his company, Lasershield, as well as the online methods I have found helpful. If you search Google for Lasershield Systems, you can find Lasershield and see that Lasershield is a going concern.

First, get connected on I personally have direct relationships with over 1000 people on LinkedIn, so connecting with me connects you to my direct relationships and their direct relationships. Those 1000 or so people are connected to almost 370,000 people who are connected to over 4.7 MILLION people.

Second, make a list of people you know without censoring the list. AFTER you have made the complete list, check it for those most likely to network with you. Don't cross people off the list. Their names can remind you of other people you know or used to know, even if they are not currently people you consider likely to be interested in networking.

Third, invite people you know to connect with you on LinkedIn and a SEARCHABLE network that YOU CAN SEE will start to build. Honestly, it doesn't hurt to connect with someone like me because you automatically have a much larger network than starting one by yourself.

Fourth, find out what people you know need and decide what you need as well. The more specific you can be, the more possible it is for someone to get a mental picture of someone they know who can help. Make a list of half a dozen to maybe a dozen requests (needs). Keep in mind that your list might look a lot different than someone else's. Here's an example:

Networking Needs - Who Do I NEED to meet?

1. People who are open to creating extra streams of income
2. People who are interested in personal development/self development
3. People who have need of professional speakers
4. People who are willing to network in this fashion and give networking priority
5. People who are interested in investing in scholarships or grants for students to publicize their business.
6. People who would like to learn how to build their small business online.
7. People who need coaching.

You ask someone you know for help with the needs on your list and they ask you for help with their list. Some of the requests you are making are on behalf of people you know. (Remember the Thank You message that started this article?) Some people will not have a name for you right now. On average, if you have half a dozen different requests and you are prepared to get more specific in order to help your networking partner help you, you can expect at least one connection every other time you do a list with someone. I have even heard of someone finding a landscaper this way, a Chief Financial Officer, a great restaurant, a place to live, even a spouse! And don't forget the Lasershield guy! You can watch my future progress and find out more at:

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